The Power of Words Brochure Supporting DISC
BluBrown designed a multi-page brochure for a Coaching Group. They wanted to explain the DISC Assessment principle to their clients in a straightforward, logical manner. We came up with the concept of puzzle pieces, under the premise that people could learn to use the ‘right words’ when speaking to a certain type of person. Whether someone fell under the Dominant, Influencer, Steady or Compliance, category, clients would learn how to speak to them effectively. Whether it involved closing a sale or learning to work more effectively in a team setting, we wanted to help frame the content so that both the coach and the client could use this tool effectively. BluBrown designed this brochure is an unconventional colour scheme—fresh and unique so that it stood out from the typical corporate blue colour palette used in business coaching. We wanted to evoke a positive, ‘sunny’ look and feel for this visually pleasing brochure.

Client Testimonial

Laura and BluBrown Communications were a pleasure to work with on this project. They captured the key elements of our message from us, then applied their creativity and marketing savvy. The is a smart, appealing, and effective document that supports our clients with the interpretations of DISC Behavioural Styles.

– Kelly Laverty, Focal Point Coaching & Training Excellence
A Proud Winner of the Campbell Fraser and Business Practice of the Year Awards