Claritech Solutions

BluBrown was excited to work with Dan Frederick, of Claritech Solutions to design their new corporate website. As a Full-Service IT Management Company, we wanted to ensure the look was slick, polished and modern. The Claritech brand was a very contemporary shade of blue with an eclipse strategically placed over the ‘IT’. We used their colour scheme throughout the site to create unity and cohesiveness.

BluBrown also designed infographics to clearly illustrate the company’s ‘Trust Bundle’. This is a three-tiered service based on price and deliverables. So simply put, we illustrated this offering in a stepped illustration. It is easy to read and understand at a glance, and helps viewers understand Claritech’s unique offering immediately.

The site also boasts a comprehensive resource library of eBooks and various publications. We worked with Claritech to ensure the library was visually interesting—ultimately wanting to invite viewers to read the in-depth documents. Overall, the site is dramatic and visually exciting—obviously framing the content, because we all know ‘content is king’.



Client Testimonial:

Laura and BluBrown are great to work with and I highly recommend them. Laura is smart and creative, with a great eye for detail. I appreciated how she would consider some of my own creative ideas and politely explain to me why I’m not in the design business. I trust that BluBrown can get the message across efficiently and creatively. 

Dan Frederick, Owner, BSc Eng, MBA