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This is the first in a series of Case Studies of our clients, including their company overview, challenges, solutions, and results. Perhaps most significantly, we became we became partners in our clients’ success.*

Tapmaster® worked with BluBrown in Association with Al Harvey Enterprises Inc.


A Successful, Family-Owned Canadian Manufacturer


Tapmaster® has been working to create innovative hands-free faucet controllers for over 25 years. The first Tapmaster® was sold into the dental industry in 1993. Immediately, their products became synonymous with reliability, ease of installation, reduction of cross contamination, cost effective water savings and a more convenient, hands-free way of activating your faucet.

Today Tapmaster® is accepted as the #1 hands-free “product of choice” throughout the North American dental industry. They are expanding into medical, chiropractic, veterinary, residential, commercial, construction and food services industries throughout North America and the world. Tapmaster® is changing the way the world uses water.

“Our sales are up, our customers comment on how much they like our site and newsletters, and we couldn’t be happier.”

-Tyler Pubben, Business Development. Tapmaster®


RESULTS:  Increased website traffic, increased brand recognition, increased online sales

BluBrown Tapmaster Case Study Image 02BluBrown Tapmaster Case Study Image 03BluBrown Tapmaster Case Study Image 03


  1. Low brand awareness
  2. Product difficult to explain
  3. Lower revenues due to untapped markets
  • NOTE: This product line offers a huge solution to infection control (especially during the pandemic)—yet in many markets, the products were largely misunderstood & unrecognized for their benefits & features
  • Lack of overall strategic plan across complex industries and markets
  • Weak website (Clinical/academic/technical)
  • Diverse target market: yet one message was used for all markets: general public, medical, dental, restaurants, & public facilities-washrooms
  • Low product recognition (except in plumbing industry, where it has been extremely successful)
  • Weak marketplace perception (as it’s hard to explain how the product works, benefits, features)
  • Weak trade show booth, ineffective, non-existent sales & marketing materials
  • No social media presence
  • Lacklustre Google Ads campaigns offered no product features and benefits to the audience
  • Little to no measurement of advertising dollars or ROI on social media (Organic & Paid)

SOLUTION:  We provided a strategic plan, tactics & clarity to increase market share

We worked with our client to fully understand their business, conducted a competitive analysis, understood & segmented their audiences, key differentiators, and wrote a strategic plan with strong tactics which we implemented, measured & optimized.

  • We created a highly effective, user-friendly website that converted traffic and increased online sales:
  • Each target audience was segmented, message/look crafted for THEM—major benefit: infection control
  • Produced photo galleries of products in use with videos & schematics (simple) showing how the products worked, including installation & usage
  • Built compelling lead magnets that increased customer awareness, client lists & contact points
  • Lists helped sales department with specific client needs
  • Identified specific products/applications per audience
  • Designed a slick product catalogue for ALL audiences (Printable and downloadable)
  • Designed a trade show booth that attracted & educated
  • Worked with client on their ‘interactive products’ display
  • Branding attracted & demo’d products in booth
  • Developed posters with QR codes for further show ‘gifts’ & follow-up, etc.
  • Developed social media program with editorial calendar for all markets. Attracted larger market & brand recognition
  • Products shown in use (as they are hard to explain…)
  • Developed videos to show product in action
  • We became partners in our client’s success.

*This info was gathered & approved while working with the client over a number of years. Results, challenges & solutions may vary as the client grows, evolves & transitions.


Samples illustrating the various components we developed for this client are below:


BluBrown designs for Tapmaster 01

BluBrown designs for Tapmaster 02

BluBrown designs for Tapmaster 03

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