BluBrown designed the Tapmaster® site with an ecommerce component and detailed product pages. There is supporting content, success stories and client testimonials that ensure a comprehensive user experience.

As a Canadian Manufacturer with over 25 years of success in the dental, medical, restaurant, commercial buildings and consumer markets, the site was designed to appeal to a variety of audiences. It continues to grow and evolve as market conditions and audiences evolve. The website is rich with content and visually compelling imagery and videos to promote their product line as well as invite visitors to download a variety of eGuides as well as a Product Catalogue.



Client Testimonial:

Laura at BluBrown has done a great job creating graphic designs for our ads and marketing materials that have really stepped up our company image. Would not hesitate to recommend her to any company looking for clean, modern, creative design work.

Al Harvey has done a great job producing catchy and relevant writing for our website and ads. He’s a great resource to bounce ideas off for new webpages and newsletters and has a great grasp on how to communicate our product to current and future customers.

Laura and Al at ProBrand Social have done a bang-up job of managing our social media, web and email marketing campaigns. The two bring complementary skills to the table that has really helped us make major inroads in the world of digital marketing. Our sales are up, our customers comment on how much they like our site and newsletters and we couldn’t be happier.

-Tyler Pubben, Business Development. Tapmaster®